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Beautifully Balanced Our top picks from the world of Ash + Ames

Open uri20190226 3915 1ezfefe?1551197686

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Calling all star-gazers—we have a variety of celestially inspired pieces like these which capture the heavens in all their radiance. See them all at the link in bio. More

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These two beauties are available for more than 40% off in our Sale category. Crafted by Artisans in India, these three-dimensional Pavé necklaces are wearable works of art. Don’t delay! When they are gone, they are gone for good. Link in bio.–going–goneRead More

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Our Pointy Gold Cuff is a sophisticated statement piece that will effortlessly take your look to the next level. The bold peaked design of this 14k gold-plated cuff pairs well with both casual and dressy looks. Link in bio. More

Open uri20190116 28666 gug0fo?1547655400

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No matter where your 2019 travel plans take you, don’t forget to bring ASH + AMES with you. The perfect earrings, ring, bracelet or necklace is a great way to pull your travel look together. Browse our collection at the link in bio. http://www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20190109 28675 e8o9yq?1547051763

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Since our brand launch, one of our most enduringly popular pieces has been our Double Pendulum Necklace. Twin 14k pendants on a gold-linked chain symbolize both strength and beauty. Find this classic piece (a favorite of @jessicaalba) at the link in bio. More

Open uri20190107 28669 10h9xkg?1546876821

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With holiday stress behind you, it’s a great time to focus on self-care. Journal, meditate, discover what it is that makes you feel beautiful. For inspiration, click the link in bio.https://www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20190103 28672 12naa8y?1546531057

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Our Intuitive Bead Bracelets by @mrskorellis are the perfect complement to your mindful New Year resolutions. Made from a variety of crystals, including labradorite, sandalwood, black lava and hematite, each bracelet was handcrafted with special meanings and intentions in mind. You’ll surely feel the energy when wearing these jewels. LinkRead More

Open uri20181217 24627 1tvffuk?1545064520

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Got a picky fashionista on your list? We know just the thing. Give her an ASH + AMES gift card and let her enjoy choosing the perfect piece. Better yet, our gift cards arrive beautifully packaged in our signature gift wrap. Link in bio. More

Open uri20181213 24627 3m747h?1544718889

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Save a bundle when you shop from our sale items. These discontinued pieces are available for up to 60% off and are a fabulous way to snag a one-of-a-kind gift at a great price. Link in bio.–going–goneRead More

Open uri20181211 23218 4ee86x?1544546532

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Holiday shopping couldn’t be easier with ASH + AMES. Every order ships free between now and December 18th, and arrives beautifully wrapped in our signature ASH + AMES box. See our entire collection at the link in bio. https://www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20181129 23215 1ymvhqe?1543505858

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Here’s our good friend @lbaquero67 getting ready for a glam night out in NYC, dripping in ASH + AMES. Pavé is the perfect way to add sparkle to your holiday look. Shop our Pavé pieces at the link in bio. More

Open uri20181115 1802 19hcpwr?1542301290

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Our Black Bead Necklace with Pavé Clip serves double duty as a necklace and a wrapped bracelet. Crafted from rich ebony beads and embellished with a Pavé encrusted clip, you’ll love this versatile piece. Link in bio. More

Open uri20181113 1802 1mtbj55?1542125905

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A chic ring is the perfect finishing touch for a polished look. Follow the link in bio to browse the gorgeous options from our ring collection. More

Open uri20181108 30061 1cql7m4?1541694975

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We are proud partners with @fsnydowntown and thrilled to be showcased in the lobby vitrines as well as the spa. NYC friends, come visit and indulge in some self care! More

Open uri20181106 18938 waztta?1541521095

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Looking to add some sparkle to your look? Our Pavé Teardrop Earrings feature an eye-catching, delicate teardrop made of pavé diamonds. This exquisite piece is handcrafted by female artisans in India. Link in bio. More

Open uri20181101 30763 b90ies?1541085055

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Masterfully blending strength and beauty, our Pendulum Necklaces have been an enduring ASH + AMES favorite. Swipe to see the variations and let us know your favorite in the comments. Link in bio. More

Open uri20181030 32656 qgwj7t?1540914025

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We all know what a power suit can do for your confidence. But what about power accessories? These bold pieces show off both your brilliance and style. Shop our entire line at the link in bio. https://www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20181025 30061 vd07ou?1540481676

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Throwback to 2014 when the iconic @brookeshields was photographed wearing our Spain Pendant and Gold Neck Bangle. Click the link in bio to see our full collection of dazzling necklaces. More

Open uri20181023 30061 m47pny?1540308890

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Our best-selling Fringed Ribbon Scarf Necklace is the perfect accessory for Fall. Handcrafted in Paris by @marielaurechamorel from silver-finished brass chain on an antique silver ribbon, this versatile piece can be worn a variety of ways (even as a belt!). Link in bio. More

Open uri20181018 30061 1ot5vwx?1539875091

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We love this versatile piece to the moon and back! Cool and iconic, our Pavé Moon Necklace sparkles with dazzling diamonds set in oxidized sterling silver. Check it out at the link in bio. More

Open uri20181016 32656 1aorozj?1539703456

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Since 2016, ASH + AMES has had an exclusive partnership with the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown (@fsnydowntown). Employees wear @ashandames jewels as part of their official uniform and select pieces are available for purchase in the spa. More

Open uri20181011 6290 qwz18x?1539270978

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Before starting ASH + AMES, our Co-Founders @amynobile and @trishaashworth wrote a series of best-selling books which explored motherhood, marriage, and friendship. Their latest, titled Just When You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin, it Starts to Sag, explores the challenges and joys of midlife. Check it out at the linkRead More

Open uri20181009 32656 16woqr2?1539097799

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Our collection of gorgeous, stackable beaded bracelets are crafted from rare materials sourced from around the world. From the everyday beauty of our Mammoth Bead Bracelet to our luxe Onyx and Pavé Diamond Bracelet, we have options for every style and budget. Link in bio. More

Open uri20181004 6290 1vyepsb?1538667459

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Our Black and Gold Collar Necklace is the everyday piece you’ll choose again and again. Crafted from black leather and gold-plated metal, this piece pairs equally well with a cool white T-shirt or a little black dress. Link in bio. More

Open uri20181001 21727 18iya8n?1538406217

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Our autumn wardrobe is officially back in rotation. Handcrafted in Paris, our Black and Silver Scarf necklace is a versatile piece that easily complements a variety of Fall looks. Modern and bold, this versatile necklace can be worn a variety of ways (even as a belt!) Link in bio. More

Open uri20180926 12007 skh42?1537976276

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Our Pavé Angel Wing Necklace is nothing less than divine. Twinkling with Pavé diamonds, this sweet and sexy pendant hangs on a sterling silver chain. Link in bio. More

Open uri20180924 21727 jg3bg1?1537801541

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Who says studs can’t be a little (ahem) flashy? Our Lightening Bolt Studs are crafted from delicate pavé and sterling silver. Get yours at the link in bio. More

Open uri20180919 32656 1elbiy5?1537370250

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Cross our heart, you’ll love these bold, geometric pieces. Our Criss-Cross Ring is ultra-chic and our Gold Plus Cuff is a graphic and modern statement piece. Shop both at the link in bio. More

Open uri20180917 11998 1njxsgo?1537195917

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Giving back personally and professionally is at the core of the ASH + AMES mission. Here, our Co-Founder @amynobile spends time with Thandi Tutu, daughter of @desmondtutu. Thandi is the founder of TutuDesks, an organization that provides children in Africa with portable desks to facilitate learning.Read More

Open uri20180912 8446 mt4s59?1536766851

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Our Perfect Gold and Perfect Silver Hoop Earrings are hand-hammered by California artist @amynordstrom. These minimalist beauties have a unique, organic vibe that can be worn with a variety of looks. See these and more earrings at the link in bio. More

Open uri20180910 6290 17ogdjv?1536591692

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Here’s to all the gorgeous girls heading back to school this Fall. Our Teen Collection includes sweet, hand-crafted pieces of delicate, radiant Pavé and gold. See them all at the link in bio.—ames-teenRead More

Open uri20180907 8452 6vnk17?1536332075

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A simple black T-shirt and jeans assume a chic new vibe when paired with our utterly original pieces. Shop all our pieces at the link in bio. More

Open uri20180905 21518 8lvll0?1536159925

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Forget the rules of getting older and live your best life with the advice of our Co-Founders (and best-selling authors) @trishaashworth and @amynobile. This online class via @creativelive offers a roadmap for how to turn a potential midlife crisis into a midlife opportunity. Link in bio. More

Open uri20180830 8446 1k9rb6a?1535642168

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Make a statement without saying a word. Our Chandelier Ring is handmade in Sri Lanka, glittering with marcasite stones set in sterling silver. Our Silver Double Row Ring includes two rows of Pavé diamonds set in sterling silver. See these and all our rings at the link in bio. 📷Read More

Open uri20180828 21518 6mfm40?1535470111

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This is not your mother’s diamond necklace. Our edgy Pavé Spike Necklace features dozens of twinkling pavé diamond spikes set on a chunky, oxidized sterling chain. Link in bio.–spike-necklaceRead More

Open uri20180823 8449 17b0oxk?1535037792

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Did you know our Co-Founders recently published their fourth book? Just When You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin, It Starts to Sag is a deep dive into life after 40 for the modern woman. Click the link in bio to snag the book Amazon reviewers are calling, “A fun balanceRead More

Open uri20180821 8446 1sidwn0?1534863901

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We are all about soaking up every moment of summer while it lasts. Here’s to embracing lazy days at the pool and adding a stunning piece like our Pavé Tassel Necklace for a dash of glamour. Link in bio. 📷@carolinapalmgren More

Open uri20180817 8455 pry3eg?1534521915

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What distinguishes our Black Agate and Pavé Necklace are the details. This utterly unique piece features stunning black beads paired with a brilliant Pavé clasp. Link in bio. 📷 @stevilou More

Open uri20180814 12001 6zvkx?1534258944

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Some of our favorite ASH + AMES pieces are also the simplest. Our Perfect Gold Hoops are beautifully versatile and our delicate Blooming Rose Necklace can be worn alone or layered. Both are part of our everyday collection—link in bio. 📷 @stevilou More

Open uri20180802 24532 zay99q?1533230142

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Cultivating a global mindset is one of ASH + AMES’ core values. Co-Founder @amynobile recently traveled to Ghana where she met with @peacejamhq. This wonderful organization pairs Nobel Laureates with kids in developing countries with the goal of sustainable peace. http://www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20180725 7088 xmainn?1532531091

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This week’s #wcw is Haitian artisan Pascale Theard of @pascaletheardcreations. Our Co-Founders met Pascale during a trip to Haiti, and her work has been a part of our collection since ASH + AMES’ start. Her handmade Haitian Leather Knot Bracelet is one of our best-selling pieces (and only $150). LinkRead More

Open uri20180723 32262 17o3npd?1532356786

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We absolutely fell in love with this dreamy shot of @annaneimarkstyle journaling seaside, wearing our Cage Necklace by @amynordstrom. View all our available pieces by Amy Nordstrom at the link in bio. And tag us to show us how you wear ASH + AMES! More

Open uri20180608 2975 1yzpnn4?1528484968

Give Back

We lost to incredible souls this week, #KateSpade and #AnthonyBourdain. They have both left an incredible impact on the world, daring us to be colorful, to be free, to travel and to enjoy life!•••If you or someone you know is struggling and needs help, call the #NationalSuicidePrevention Lifeline. They areRead More

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Stevi living her best life in our Perfect Gold Hoops ✨ More

Tumblr inline p8vucou3ht1t71bu0 540

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Our fingers are always crossed when wearing our criss-cross ring More

Tumblr inline p8scz2maz61t71bu0 540

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These hoops are made for wearing ✨ We’re betting hoops are going to be the staple accessory of the summer. These are handmade and hammered and come in both silver and gold. Shop them here: More

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The cure for this bipolar weather has been finishing off our outfits with our pink gold earrings #ashandamesRead More

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Wishes come true when wearing our shooting star necklace #ashandames More

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The lovely @lauryn.chavezwearing our chandelier ring. Show us how you wear your Ash + Ames jewelry for a chance to be featured! More

Open uri20180410 32659 14bbep7?1523399878

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When your friends send you photos of them snagging your new book. Just When You’re Comfortable In Your Own Skin, It Starts To Sag, JUST hit the shelves. Like We are Perennials & grab your copy today! It’s on Amazon Prime with next day free shipping 😉 #thisismidlifeRead More

Open uri20180409 32665 15493n?1523296502

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On Mondays we’re practicing self love with some things that make us feel good, including our pavé diamond dog tag necklace. Get yours here: More

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Fantasizing about our weekend plans like… What do you all have planned this weekend?Read More

Tumblr inline p6ivl6f8oc1t71bu0 540

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Our favorite thing about rose gold is that helps highlight every single skin tone. No need to add highlighter when wearing our rose gold chain earrings! Needless to say, they’re perfect for Easter brunch. What’s your favorite precious metal to wear?Read More

Open uri20180327 23038 1gjw4xc?1522168033

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Here’s to hoping all of your Sunday brunches taste as good as @arushikhosla’s looks! Arusha is wearing  one of our cage necklaces, shop similar by clicking here More

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This chocker is double the trouble because it also moonlights as a wrap bracelet. Get yours here–blue–gold-braceletRead More

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Throwback to a photoshoot of our Fall Collection with @tomhayesphoto in New York City. We love seeing our new pieces come to life in his studio each season. The model is wearing our chic and versatile Mixed Metal Choker. More

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In 2015, our Co-Founders traveled to India in 2015 to meet with local Artisans and scout new pieces for our collection. Here, an Indian Artisan in Jaipur meticulously handcrafts a unique cuff. http://www.ashandames.comRead More

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There are so many fabulous deals to be found in our site’s Going, Going, Gone section. This Mammoth Pavé Tag Bracelet—crafted in Indonesia from Stegodon Mammoth Beads with Pavé diamonds—is available for half off. Grab yours—or another great deal—while supplies last. More

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The longer days have us pulling our our favorite Spring clothes in anticipation of warmer weather. A chic piece like our Double Pendulum Necklace (a favorite of @jessicaalba) can transform a simple white tee into a polished look. More

Tumblr inline p5b2mzlbcq1t71bu0 540

Give Back

The idea of ASH + AMES was sparked when we saw female Haitian Artisans creating beautiful pieces of jewelry. From then on we decided to make it our mission to empower women around the world by bringing their creations to life and donating 100% of the proceeds of pieces createdRead More

Tumblr inline p5968ooidm1t71bu0 540

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You don’t need to decide which of our Pavé bracelets to wear—just how many. From our playful Moon and Star Bracelet to our luxe Pavé Leaf Cuff, you’ll find a variety of options More

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Not only is our Black and Silver Scarf Necklace one of our most popular pieces, it’s also one of the most versatile. Handmade in Paris by @marielaurechamorel from woven metal and fabric, you can wear it long or short, or even as a belt. More

Tumblr inline p54sbzsgbd1t71bu0 540

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This month’s Co-Founder Pick is our showstopping Taupe Collar. Handcrafted in Italy from faceted resin beads with a leather collar, this statement piece can pivot from a little black dress to a casual white T-shirt with ease. Available for 20% off all month.Read More

Open uri20180301 2737 1d7o405?1519913155

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Some of our most popular pieces are crafted in The City of Light by Artisan @marielaurechamorel. Her work often includes blending vintage beads, metal fringe and silk. Each collection is completely unique and features a limited number of pieces. Link in bio. More

Open uri20180228 2737 13e3j3s?1519825977

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Here, @lovemarlow shows off her newly highlighted tresses, which beautifully frame her lovely Single Pendulum Pendant. This powerful pendant comes in gold, silver, and Pavé. Also available as a double pendulum pendant. Link in bio. More

Open uri20180226 2737 14hem0a?1519655395

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Our Pavé Studs are fabulously versatile. They are perfect for business casual, everyday style, or a glam night out. Available in a variety of sizes and at different price points, find your own staple studs at the link in bio. More

Open uri20180222 2737 1fcp8ai?1519306827

Give Back

Throwback to the Camp Korey Prescription Laughter Luncheon where @stylewithsusie and @markandrisa sold ASH + AMES to support this wonderful cause. @campkorey was founded to support children and families living with serious conditions through year-round, life-changing experiences. http://www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20180221 2737 13kw0h2?1519223306

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This week’s #wcw is entrepreneur @lisarueff, founder of @playsparked. Sparked is an inspiring board game designed to help women connect, celebrate and uplift one another. http://www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20180220 2737 4pn5eg?1519136179

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We’re loving the pink gold trend right now, especially in these Pink Gold Earrings. Handcrafted in Paris by Artisan @marielaurechamorel, the delicate chains in these statement earrings come to life with each movement. Beautifully modeled here by @lauryn.chavez.Read More

Open uri20180219 2737 hm4upo?1519019989

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A reminder that you have until the end of the month to nab our Co-Founder Pick for just $100! The Gold Harmony Necklace is a versatile piece featuring two dainty, hand-hammered gold-filled circles. Designed by California Artisan @amynordstrom, this necklace is lovely all on its own or worn layered. LinkRead More

Open uri20180215 3340 1jhvv2x?1518704203

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Throwback to when ASH + AMES teamed up with @serenawilliams for her 2015 Fashion Week show. This model is rocking our Pavé Tassel Necklace on the runway. Link in bio. More

Open uri20180214 3340 1k5dyk8?1518617079

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our followers! Sending our love out to each and every one of you. 💘💘Read More

Open uri20180213 3340 aczxru?1518529735

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We love how @stylewithsoco absolutely rocks this look (pulled together beautifully with our Ladder Choker by @marielaurechamorel) while vacationing in Florida. 💃💃💃Link in bio. More

Open uri20180208 17114 8yn3sc?1518097407

Give Back

We’re always thrilled to discover new, admirable organizations through our Give Back initiative. Dallas Ambassador @timlacoestyle just hosted an event benefiting @embodylovemovement, an organization committed to empowering women and girls to celebrate their inner beauty, commit to kindness, and contribute to meaningful change in the world. See how you canRead More

Open uri20180206 17114 1nsqq5t?1517926293

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Hosting an ASH + AMES trunk show connects you to a world of inspiring women creating gorgeous jewelry with interesting stories behind them. As a Host, you can earn complimentary pieces or choose to donate 5% of sales to the school or charity of your choice. Contact your Ambassador orRead More

Open uri20180205 6484 1qrgc4c?1517839049

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Our February Pick comes from Julia and Emily, daughters of Co-Founders @trishaashworth and @amynobile. These BFFs designed our Gold Harmony Necklace, a dainty piece with two interlocking gold-filled circles. Handcrafted by California artist @amynordstrom, this versatile piece is on sale for just $100 all month. A perfect Valentine’s Day giftRead More

Open uri20180201 6484 o2qicf?1517494041

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The groundhog better bring good news of an early spring tomorrow! In the meantime, we’re bundled up with our Small Pavé Hoop Earrings. Handcrafted by artisans in India, these petite diamond-studded hoops brighten up any look. Link in bio. More

Open uri20180131 3198 4i6cqm?1517406937

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This week’s #wcw is none other than Co-Founder @trishaashworth. When she and fellow Co-Founder @amynobile visited Haiti a few years ago, they brought back beautiful horn cuffs for friends. Trisha says, “This sparked the idea for the business—a luxe jewelry brand that supports female artisans around the world while givingRead More

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Give Back

At the heart of ASH + AMES’ mission is giving back and inspiring our Ambassadors and hosts to do the same. When you host a qualifying ASH + AMES show, you can donate 5% of sales to the charity or school of your choice. Contact your Ambassador or follow the link in bio to learn more.

Open uri20180125 8544 3s0grd?1516888846

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Throwback to our Ambassador Rewards Trip earlier this month in Mexico’s Riviera Maya! Ambassadors @moniquekandou and @markandrisa won this trip with their extraordinary ASH + AMES sales in 2017. See how you can join us as an Ambassador at the link in bio. More

Open uri20180124 8544 5weojm?1516801638

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Our #wcw is the utterly fabulous @iamjhud. Jennifer epitomizes retro glam in this shoot for @oprahmagazine, wearing our Pavé Diamond Snake Ring.Read More

Open uri20180123 8544 11ylxum?1516714333

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We are thrilled to announce the April 10 launch of “Just When You’re Comfortable in Your Own Skin, It Starts to Sag — Rewriting the Rules of Midlife” by our Co-Founders @amynobile and @trishaashworth! For this book, Amy and Trisha interviewed hundreds of women to represent the collective voice ofRead More

Open uri20180122 8544 130hiip?1516630754

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Introducing our monthly ‘Co-Founders’ Picks!’ Every month @trishaashworth and @amynobile will share their favorite pieces and YOU get 20% off. This month’s pick is our Intuitive Bead Bracelet by @satchamalas. Each bracelet has a special intention behind it, crafted from beautiful sandalwood beads and crystals, resulting in powerful energy forRead More

Open uri20180117 8112 1lf4bm6?1516198405

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It’s true—whatever Beyoncé touches turns to gold! The Gold Choker here is just one of the gorgeous pieces available for a deep discount in our Going, Going, Gone category. Don’t delay! When these limited-edition pieces sell out, they’re gone for good. Link in bio.–going–goneRead More

Open uri20180116 8112 19ek0bd?1516111155

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Our show-stopping Silver Starburst Necklace is crafted of Pavé diamonds and sterling silver. This utterly stunning piece looks great both when worn casually or dressed up for a night on the town. Link in bio. More

Open uri20180115 8112 1x77ofq?1516023879

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The sweet, hand-crafted pieces from our Teen Collection make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the globally minded girl. (Five dollars from each sale go to support Haiti’s @acffcjacmel.) Link in bio.—ames-teenRead More

Open uri20180111 8112 21ywfz?1515678749

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Whether you’re shopping for someone special or dropping a hint of your own, we’ve assembled a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with some picks for every budget and style. Link in bio.Read More

Open uri20180110 8112 xdx7ih?1515591524

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Our #wcw is @pascaletheardcreations, the Haitian Artisan who created our Best-Selling Haitian Leather Knot Bracelet. Pascale personally chooses the highest quality leather for her work, meticulously crafting each piece by hand. Link in bio. More

Open uri20180109 8112 1kn9a0k?1515507849

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Ambassador @lauryn.chavez assembled this perfect ensemble of accessories with this vintage Ferragamo bag and (of course!) ASH + AMES jewelry. http://www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20180104 18468 159g8b5?1515075457

Give Back

Ambassador @markandrisa recently chose to donate a percentage of her show sales to @marysplacewa, an organization dedicated to empowering homeless women, children, and families. Risa says, “Mary’s Place is a wonderful local organization, and their mission and ASH + AMES’ focus on supporting women align nicely.” Contact your Ambassador toRead More

Open uri20180103 18468 qp5tj2?1514988243

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It might be cold outside, but these Pavé Diamond Studs are pure fire. Modeled here by Ambassador @lindsay_ashandames, these staple earrings bring sparkle both to your everyday look and special occasions. Link in bio. More

Open uri20180102 18468 1u0vf6h?1514901088

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The New Year is a perfect time to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. Our Intuitive Bead Bracelets are crafted from crystals such as labradorite, sandalwood, black lava and hematite, all with special meanings and intentions behind each one. Link in bio. More

Open uri20180101 18468 19qrqjf?1514813816

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Cheers to 2018 from our Co-Founders @trishaashworth and @amynobile! Wishing all of our followers a Beautifully Balanced New Year.Read More

Open uri20171228 5685 19wqex7?1514468572

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Many of our most popular and unique pieces come to us from Parisian artisan @marielaurechamorel. Marie intricately handcrafts her work, blending vintage beads, metal fringe and silk. See all her work at the link in bio. More

Open uri20171227 5685 sdz93a?1514385052

Give Back

This week’s #wcw is @aalexaashworth, designer of our ASH + AMES Teen Collection and daughter of Co-Founder @trishaashworth. Alex was so moved by the beauty and energy of the children in Haiti during a visit, that we’ve committed to give back $5 from every sale from our Teen collection directlyRead More

Open uri20171221 5685 c76wuf?1513865485

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Cheers to holiday party season! Looking for a perfect piece to pull together your holiday look? Contact your Ambassador or browse our site for everything from stunning statement pieces to eternal classics. http://www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20171220 10641 1krl10x?1513778304

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Looking for a truly unique gift she’ll love? Our versatile Ladder Choker can be worn as a double-wrap bracelet or a choker. This stunning piece is handmade in Paris from gold brass chain, crafted by @marielaurechamorel. More

Open uri20171215 10641 1hbd167?1513345817

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Baby, it’s cold outside! We fully support staying in to shop in your pajamas. Our site is brimming gifts guaranteed to delight. Better yet, they ship free and arrive beautifully gift wrapped.Read More

Open uri20171214 10641 4jku3p?1513258581

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Got a guy who’s hard to buy for? Consider our Gold-Plated Cuff Links. This architectural design was inspired by art featured in the @fsnydowntown, a modern look he’ll love. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171213 10641 15eh0qu?1513174895

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There’s no reason you can’t be both cozy and chic. Ambassador @markandrisa takes her custom @karilee_fashionandmovement sweatshirt to the next level with our Eclipse Necklace by @amynordstrom. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171212 32709 w34psz?1513087640

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Handcrafted by artisan communities in India from radiant diamonds, you simply can’t go wrong with a gift from our extensive Pavé collection. From our luxe Pavé Diamond Dog Tag to our staple Pavé Stud Earrings, we have something for every woman at every price point. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171211 25710 awjav7?1513000379

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Now for the easiest holiday shopping you’ll do this year! Now through December 26th, our $100 Gift Cards are on sale for just $80, good for any ASH + AMES order. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171205 25710 nz9ddk?1512487817

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One of the most popular pieces from our Holiday Capsule Collection is our enchanting Love Necklace. Modeled here with a buttery suede jacket by @etceteranyc, this necklace is crafted from dazzling Pavé diamonds set in oxidized sterling silver with an adjustable chain, so it can be worn short or long.Read More

Open uri20171204 25710 jqetq6?1512396958

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Psst—need a foolproof gift idea? Our Pavé Diamond Studs are perennial bestsellers. Available in 4MM, 8MM, and 10MM sizes, these stunning earrings suit a range of budgets. Even better? Free shipping and gift wrap. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171201 25710 1xliyom?1512135236

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Hosts with qualifying trunk shows—and customers who spend more than $250—will receive a free Haitian Leather Knot Bracelet in December! Contact your Ambassador for more information or use promo code DEC2017CHL (for the charcoal gray bracelet) or promo code DEC2017BLK (for black) when shopping online.Read More

Open uri20171130 25710 yj2jtm?1512051586

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We are thrilled to partner with @fsnydowntown. The Four Seasons NY Downtown includes our ASH + AMES as part of the front desk and concierge uniforms and sells individual items in the spa. We love this museum-like display of our jewelry in the luxury hotel spa.Read More

Open uri20171129 25710 1mzv2gn?1511964336

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Our #wcw this week is our Seattle-based Ambassador (and personal stylist) @lauryn.chavez. Lauryn looks positively fierce in our Single Pendulum Necklace. (Available in both silver and gold.) Link in bio. More

Open uri20171128 25710 18qpmno?1511876933

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One of the most buzzed-about new pieces from our new collection is our Mixed Metal Choker by @marielaurechamorel. Handcrafted in Paris from woven metal, this versatile bold and chic fringed choker can be worn tied in front or in the back. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171122 25710 mbx60b?1511360600

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Our #wcw is veteran model and new CoverGirl @mayemusk. Here, Maye looks fresh and radiant in our Gold Pavé Circle Diamond Earrings. Link in bio.–circle-diamond-earringsRead More

Open uri20171121 25710 1sa7425?1511273413

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Our Chandelier Ring is no wallflower. This stunning statement piece is handcrafted in Sri Lanka, glittering with marcasite stones set in sterling silver. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171116 25710 1ird8q9?1510844501

Give Back

ASH + AMES is a proud partner of @everymomcounts and the incredible work this organization does to make childbirth safe for women worldwide. Seen here at their #loveEMC event at the @boweryhotel in NYC is @adhandames Co-Founder Amy Nobile, @sefteliving Co-Founder Sarah Pearsall, and Nancy Deane and Amri Kibbler fromRead More

Open uri20171115 25710 1yqahfx?1510753632

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Our #wcw is @olivialanemusic, looking simply radiant at the @sesacmusic awards in a @shoprachelzoe blazer and our fabulously versatile Black and Silver Scarf Necklace by @marielaurechamorel. Styled by @katyrobbinsstylist. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171114 25710 1du2cje?1510666442

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Our Perfect Silver Hoops by @amynordstrom are a minimalist masterpiece, the perfect choice for everything from a chic evening dress to a comfy T-shirt. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171110 25710 s122ce?1510320882

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Find your beauty, inside and out.Read More

Open uri20171109 25710 h86uvx?1510237318

Give Back

Ambassador @ashandames_lindsay raised over $1,200 for the @leukemialymphomasociety through her annual charity trunk show. Contact your Ambassador to see how you can support your favorite causes just by hosting a show.Read More

Open uri20171108 25710 12bb3p0?1510150090

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Earn a free ASH + AMES gift card just for shopping in November! When you spend $250 or more, you’ll receive a free $50 gift card as our gift to spend on a future purchase with promo code: NOV2017.Read More

Open uri20171107 25710 1sk5h4u?1510062776

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Our Pavé Moon Necklace is now in stock and shipping! Cool and iconic, this adjustable necklace shines bright as the moon with dazzling pavé diamonds. Link in bio. More

23101527 2006006699656540 6117371775673171968 n

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Throwback to when ASH + AMES was on the runway at @fashionfirstsea (Seattle’s longest running independent fashion show) last September. ASH + AMES Ambassadors @markandrisa and @dinawampold were in attendance.

Open uri20171101 25710 17j9o3c?1509539445

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Here’s your chance to get a free pair of our best-selling Charcoal Druzy Earrings. Hosts with sales over $1,500 in November receive a pair of these breathtaking beauties as our gift (retail value $225). Contact your Ambassador or use the link in bio to schedule your show!Read More

Open uri20171031 25710 mw096e?1509455842

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We are bananas for San Diego style blogger @jennapilant’s sunny ensemble. She takes a bold look further with our uber chic Black Acrylic Necklace by Artisan @dianabroussard.Read More

Open uri20171030 25710 3sopjh?1509367827

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Our On Point Pavé Earrings give us swank Chicago vibes. Crafted from sterling silver with Pavé diamonds, these glittering gems are sleek and super mod. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171025 25710 x5uv0t?1508935374

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This week’s #wcw is @mrskorellis, the San Francisco Artisan behind our new Intuitive Bead Bracelet. Her striking, stackable bracelets are crafted from crystals like amethyst, labradorite, and garnet, each one holding special meanings and intentions. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171024 25710 1ikxrcz?1508851795

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Our Ambassador (and Charleston, SC #wardrobestylist) @ashandames_nadinecamilla talks wardrobe edits, personal shopping and styling in the Fall 2017 issue of @chasstyleanddesign. Here, our popular Ladder Choker is the perfect accent to her casually stylish look. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171023 25710 1sn1cb6?1508764580

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One of the most versatile pieces from our #fallcollection is our Black and Silver Scarf Necklace by French Artisan @marielaurechamorel. Crafted by hand from woven metals, this piece can be styled many different ways as a necklace—or even worn as a belt. Link in bio. More

Open uri20171020 7041 zieszw?1508511456

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Party season is right around the corner. We have plenty of sparkle to make your holiday season shine. Find yours at the link in bio. http://www.ashandames.comRead More

22580873 1934357963483846 1060381185764491264 n

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Throwback to our recent Manhattan photoshoot with @tomhayes photo. @amandajasnowski modeled many pieces from our new collection, which we’re thrilled to share with you soon!

Open uri20171018 25710 y3ewdq?1508332121

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Our #wcw is our wonderful Ambassador @stylewithsusie. Susie provides each client with a personal approach that helps them find curated, inspired wardrobes to feel fabulous every day. Interested in joining our wonderful team of Ambassadors? Click the link in bio. More

Open uri20171016 25710 bjqwlv?1508157451

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There’s never been a better time to join us as an Ambassador! Anyone who signs on this month gets our Business Builder Boutique for $799 (usually $999). The kit (shown here) includes everything you need to get started, including 14 best-selling pieces, custom displays and marketing tools. Learn more atRead More

Open uri20171012 825 dfus9j?1507812164

Give Back

We’d like to shine a light on one of the recent recipients of our Give Back initiative, @shareourspare. This wonderful organization provides Chicago families living in low-income and homeless situations with the essentials they need to thrive.Read More

Open uri20171011 825 1887j0g?1507728527

Give Back

This week’s #wcw are the @chintwins Cristen Barker and Kimmy Hise of @official_senhoa. Senhoa jewelry is handcrafted by survivors of human trafficking, and 100% of profits go directly to the rehabilitation and education of survivors and at-risk young women.Read More

Open uri20171010 825 sm5h03?1507641263

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This is your daily reminder that #youareradiant. Here, @chloeharlowmethod is positively glowing in our Lattice Gold Neck Cuff by @amynordstrom.Read More

Open uri20171009 825 1cqg535?1507553956

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One of the most versatile pieces from our Fall Collection is our Gold Eclipse Necklace by @amynordstrom. This eye-catching piece shines brightly on its own, or serves as the perfect layering piece. Get yours at the link in bio. More

Open uri20171005 7959 10tg0qm?1507208596

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Throwback to Annie Parisse rocking our Pavé Crawler Earrings and Pavé Diamond Quill at the #eveningbefore Emmy bash. Styling by @katyrobbinsstylist. Shop all our Pavé pieces at the link in bio. More

Open uri20171003 7959 11zg6be?1507034127

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Our best-selling Black and Gold Collar Necklace is a chic modern piece crafted of black leather and gold-plated metal. It’s our gift to you when you host a show with sales over $1,500 in October. Plus, anyone who spends more than $250 this month can nab this best-selling piece forRead More

Open uri20171002 7959 1j4pc02?1506950482

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Our new Chandelier Ring is no wallflower. Handmade in Sri Lanka, this stunning statement piece is crafted from glittering marcasite stones and set in sterling silver, making it a perfect plus one for a night on the town. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170928 7959 1p4z3u3?1506604968

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Cheers to upcoming weekend! Here, @lindsay_ashandames accessorizes her cocktail with our bold Sapphire Pavé Ring.Read More

Open uri20170927 7959 1vgy176?1506516530

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Our #wcw is the fabulous Jennifer Alfano. Formerly an editor at @harperbazaarus and @voguemagazine, Jennifer features the people, places and things that have “it” on @theflairindex.Read More

Open uri20170926 7959 1j1yzf2?1506429317

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Prepare to stand out with these two stunning pieces from our Fall Collection. Our Chandelier Ring is handmade in Sri Lanka, glittering with marcasite stones set in sterling silver. The Black and Silver Scarf Necklace can be worn in infinite ways (even as a belt). Link in bio. More

Open uri20170925 7959 dhs8nt?1506345688

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One of the most buzzed-about pieces in our new Fall Collection is the Taupe Collar by Fairchild Baldwin. This showstopper is handmade in Italy with faceted resin beans and finished with a leather collar. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170921 26536 1gefvgi?1506000381

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When you host an ASH + AMES trunk show, you can now earn up to 20% in retail credit based on your sales! Contact your Ambassador or click the link in bio to learn more. More

Open uri20170920 26536 604icz?1505913162

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This week’s #wcw is Chicago Ambassador @lindsay_ashandames. Here, Lindsay positively sparkles in our new On Point Pavé Earrings and Pavé Triangle Lariat. Swipe left to see both. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170918 26536 1ee7a92?1505738623

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Ambassador @ashandames_nadinecamilla got married in this stunning dress just two years ago. For a night out in Charleston, she revamped her gown with hot pink pumps and our Alligator Cuff. Swipe left to see the cuff —and buy it at the link in bio. More

Open uri20170914 26536 1gr7ecq?1505393401

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Throwback to a modeling shoot in Manhattan with South African model @nicolemeyer1. Nicole is wearing our Double Pendulum Necklace, one of our most enduringly popular pieces (swipe left to view). Link in bio. More

Open uri20170913 26536 1ga8bup?1505306123

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Our #wcw is Jill Fairchild of @fairchildbaldwin, one of our newest Artisans. Jill designed the bold new Taupe Collar—a luxe choker handmade in Italy from faceted resin beads and finished with a leather collar. Swipe left to see this unique piece and learn more at the link in bio. More

Open uri20170912 26536 1kzk8z4?1505226153

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Artisan @amynordstrom snapped this photo of the Hammered Silver Long Earrings she created for exclusively for our Fall Collection before shipping them to our Chicago home office. Swipe left to see the finished product. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170908 24016 t6y5ns?1504884105

Give Back

Our hearts go out to the communities of Houston. From today (September 8th) through September 11th, we will donate 10% of sales to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Funds raised will give aid, shelter and food to families affected by the storm.Read More

Open uri20170906 29294 10zxl5j?1504712356

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Our #wcw is @marielaurechamorel, a Parisian artisan who has been with ASH + AMES since the very start. Her signature style—blending vintage beads, metal fringe and silk—has earned her a loyal following. Swipe left to see her new pieces for Fall and click the link in bio to see theRead More

Open uri20170905 19075 9gyceg?1504624963

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For Fall we’ve added a variety of new Pavé pieces. Two of our favorites are above—the Moon and Star Bracelet and the Pavé Moon Necklace add a dazzling dash of sparkle to any look. Check out our entire Fall Collection at the link in bio. More

Open uri20170904 19075 1ywy5xl?1504537998

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Cheers to the holiday weekend—here’s hoping you’re enjoying the last days of summer. Here @lindsay_ashandames and a friend layer on our bracelets for a night out on Lake Michigan. See all our bracelets at the link in bio. More

Open uri20170901 18526 1hbg3mm?1504269321

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The wait is over! Our Fall Collection has includes bold statement pieces and classic everyday looks at every price point. Here’s a look at some standout pieces—click through to see the link of the whole collection! More

Open uri20170831 18526 v8mclv?1504185656

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Throwback to an inspiring trip our Co-Founders took to India in 2015 which influenced many pieces in our collection. @amynobile says, “Watching female artisans work in Jaipur was mind-bending. Such detailed work hand carving each piece.”Read More

Open uri20170830 18526 1hxcvtu?1504109261

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We can’t wait to share our new Fall Collection with you this Friday! Here’s a sneak peek at two favorites among our Ambassadors—the 3D Cascade Earrings and Mixed Metal Choker. Both limited edition pieces are handcrafted in Paris by Artisan @marielaurechamorel. Discover more this Friday! www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20170829 19075 ftez3o?1504018852

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Our Lightning Bolt Studs provide a bold option for everyday. Made of sterling silver and Pavé diamonds, these stunners illuminate any look. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170825 18526 p3mfzw?1503664847

Give Back

At the heart of the ASH + AMES mission is cultivating a Beautifully Balanced life. Our pieces reflect the strength, confidence, and diversity of the women who both design and share them. Find out how to Join the Journey at the link in bio. More

21040897 165683907316084 6137136102772834304 n

Throwback to that time @jessicaalba epitomized #streetstyle wearing our Double Pendulum Necklace with a chunky cardigan. Want your own? Follow the link in bio.

Open uri20170823 18526 1lz67z1?1503494032

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This week’s #wcw is one of our newest Ambassadors, @ashandames_tammy! Here, Tammy looks radiant in our Ladder Choker (worn as a bracelet), Gold Bangle, and Black Bead Necklace with Pavé Clip. Interested in learning how you can join ASH + AMES as an Ambassador? Follow the link in bio. More

Open uri20170817 18573 fdth9t?1502974371

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Throwback to our Ambassador conference last February. Here, @dinawampold and @stylewithsusie venture into Chicago between sessions. Discover how you can Join the Journey with ASH + AMES at the link in bio. More

Open uri20170816 18573 cgbnp1?1502887266

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Our #wcw is Pascale Theard of @pascaletheardcreations, the talented Haitian artist who designed our leather knot bracelets. We recently introduced a new version of this best-selling piece in supple gray leather. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170815 10292 186jdsy?1502803409

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Our Pointy Silver Ring is a total showstopper. This bold geometric piece makes any look a statement. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170810 10292 jrn9ot?1502371056

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Throwback to the official launch of ASH + AMES in January 2015. Our Co-Founders @amynobile and @trishaashworth pose here at the Langham Hotel in Chicago for the first official show. Learn how you can join us at the link in bio! More

Open uri20170809 10292 oz54dn?1502283857

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Our #wcw this week is @niag who epitomizes urban chic in our Gold Snake Open Collar Necklace. This unique piece is handmade by artists in Kenya. Link in bio More

Open uri20170808 10292 o33qod?1502196664

Get Gorgeous

Back in stock! Our Hammered Gold Earrings sold out almost immediately. Lucky for you, we had @amynordstrom make us more. Chic and modern, these earrings go with absolutely everything. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170807 32122 1l3j6dn?1502121989

Get Gorgeous

You can have it both ways! Our Fringed Ribbon Bracelet (modeled here by @ashandames_nadinecamilla) does double duty as a chic choker and a wrap bracelet. Crafted by @marielaurechamorel in Paris. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170804 10292 1ohvfob?1501851681

Get Gorgeous

The right jewelry can utterly transform your look. Find yours at the link in bio. http://www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20170803 4890 vkkipe?1501764229

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Throwback to a recent feature in @dayspamagazine of the luxurious @fsnydowntown. In addition to indulgent spa services, guests can browse select pieces of ASH + AMES jewelry exclusively in the spa. (Talk about pampering!) Link in bio. More

Open uri20170802 1039 olmaiq?1501686140

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Our best-selling Gold Harmony Necklace is back in stock! This dainty, hand-hammered gold necklace by @amynordstrom is beautiful on its own or layered. (Here, @markandrisa pairs it with our Black and Gold Collar Necklace.) Link in bio. More

Open uri20170801 1039 1jy3xjk?1501602182

Get Gorgeous

Our August releases have something for everyone. The Lightning Bolt Studs ($105) offer a playful twist on everyday studs. The Haitian Gray Leather Knot Bracelet ($150) is a new interpretation of one of our best-sellers. And the Silver Starburst Necklace ($625) is an utter showstopper, glittering with stunning Pavé diamonds.Read More

Open uri20170731 1039 zcw547?1501525022

Get Gorgeous

Our July Host Rewards were such a hit that we’re extending them another month. Through August 31st, when you host an ASH + AMES show with sales over $1,500, you’ll get double shopping dollars/jewelry credit! Contact your Ambassador or to schedule your show.Read More

Open uri20170728 4890 7w2npr?1501246762

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Our limited-edition jewelry is handcrafted by artisans we carefully selected from around the world. The result is enduring style that stands the test of time.Read More

Open uri20170727 8219 7l0sq9?1501169128

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No matter where your summer travels take you, don’t forget your @ashandames. @moniquekandou gives us a peek inside her suitcase for a girl’s getaway in Montauk.Read More

Open uri20170724 8219 95aqaj?1500911544

Get Gorgeous

The magic of our Woven Gold Wrap Necklace by @marielaurechamorel is in both its handcrafted details and versatility. It can be worn long, as a choker or a bracelet. And delicate details (like crystal beads and gray silk thread) make it utterly unique. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170721 771 185ccgr?1500650513

Get Gorgeous

Whether your style is classic or boho chic, you’ll find the perfect pieces to accent your look with ASH + AMES. Link in bio. http://www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20170720 8222 ltizs2?1500564171

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Throwback to the site of an ASH + AMES photoshoot in Manhattan with the lovely @nicolemeyer1.Read More

Open uri20170719 751 mihhyu?1500470613

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This week’s #wcw is @honesthazel founder @catherinetaber. Catherine looks radiant in one of our eternally popular pieces—the Double Pendulum Necklace. (Link in bio.) More

Open uri20170717 8216 dg3crr?1500306957

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There’s no better time to host a summer soirée! July hosts with show sales over $1,500 get double shopping credit. Contact your Ambassador or email to schedule your show.Read More

Open uri20170714 751 1f630i4?1500037160

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Our jewelry is designed to last a lifetime, not a season. Every piece we offer tells a unique story - one of the artisan’s craftsmanship, the materials involved, and the environment from which it comes.Read More

Open uri20170713 751 542k71?1499949734

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Throwback to when @amynobile met up with our Haitian artisan Sibylle Denis Touat in New York. Sibylle uses semi-precious Guayacan wood that is found only in Haiti to create some of our most iconic pieces.Read More

19984674 500660006935058 2597335108084039680 n

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Inspired by architectural elements in the new @fsnydowntown and our partnership with this gorgeous property, our Gold Plated Cuff Links are a classic look with a modern twist. Link in bio.

Open uri20170711 10795 ahs2mh?1499778411

Inspired by architectural elements in the new @fsnydowntown and our partnership with this gorgeous property, our Gold Plated Cuff Links are a classic look with a modern twist. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170710 10818 1d58who?1499700457

We are absolutely loving our versatile new Ladder Choker. Woven from gold brass chain, this piece by @marielaurechamorel does double duty as a chic choker or wrap bracelet. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170707 29092 1igftlk?1499433252

When you love what you do, you forget that it’s work. If you’re interested in learning more about living a Beautifully Balanced life through ASH + AMES, follow the link in the bio. More

Open uri20170706 29092 1jchcb?1499344863

Throwback to our cofounders @amynobile and @trishaashworth meeting up in NYC for a fun-filled day of work and play last May.Read More

Open uri20170705 29092 6nwgir?1499259813

This month, we’re thrilled to introduce two new pieces from our beloved Parisian artisan @marielaurechamorel. Both are handcrafted from woven metal and can be worn either as a necklace or as a wrap bracelet. Link in bio. More

19623259 201892407004137 1198476156836249600 n

Wishing all of our followers a safe and Happy Fourth of July full of sparkle!

19534905 101466190484000 9066458082460041216 n

We love a summer party! Better yet, when you host an ASH + AMES show this month with more than $1,500 in sales, you’ll get double shopping dollars/jewelry credit! Contact your Ambassador or to schedule your show.⠀ #hostrewards #doublejewelrycredit #doubleshoppingdollars #julygift #julyrewards #julyhostgift #getgorgeous #goglobal #giveback #ashandames

Open uri20170629 13485 2kvw0s?1498749865

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Throwback to last summer in the Hamptons with our Co-Founders @amynobile and @trishaashworth and their families.Read More

Open uri20170628 22020 1sh8pjt?1498662661

Get Gorgeous

Everyone (including our Ambassadors) is loving our June releases. Here, @dawn_ashandames looks stunning in our Black and Gold Collar Necklace and Hammered Gold Short Earrings. Remember, if you spend more than $250 this month, you can get the necklace for just $25!Read More

Open uri20170627 17960 1gltr1y?1498576803

Get Gorgeous

A rainy day is no match for a pop of color and a fabulous piece of jewelry. @stylewithsoco is wearing our Gunmetal Woven Choker along with a tank and pants from @zara. Get the necklace at the link in bio. More

Open uri20170626 22020 cbav6r?1498492834

Get Gorgeous

Combining bold pieces like our Python Wrap Bracelet and Silver Wave Ring can give you a fabulously edgy look. Discover what pieces resonate with you at the link in bio.http://www.ashandames.comRead More

Open uri20170623 22884 1q2g5mp?1498230448

Give Back

If you’re looking for a flexible job that will allow you to work on your own terms while joining a community of supportive women, ASH + AMES might be just what you’re looking for. Find out how to Join the Journey at the link in bio. More

Open uri20170621 23286 1sgkbqa?1498057702

Get Gorgeous

ASH + AMES goes to prom! Here, @aalexashworth and @mellis47 rock our Perfect Gold Hoop earrings and Pavé Bar Necklace.Read More

Open uri20170620 23278 18xc5g1?1497971099

Give Back

The Women’s Employment Network helps women who struggle with social, economic, and educational barriers find sustained employment. We’re honored to contribute to this wonderful organization through our Give Back initiative. Learn more about how you can give back through ASH + AMES at the link in bio. More

Open uri20170619 11000 5a2j9g?1497886554

Get Gorgeous

Everyone’s raving over our two new June releases. Here, @lindsay_ashandames shows off how our Black and Gold Collar Necklace and Hammered Gold Short Earrings complement each other perfectly. The necklace is this month’s host and customer gift! Contact your Ambassador for details.Read More

Open uri20170616 23275 vi2n11?1497626584

Go Global

At ASH + AMES, we believe that bringing women from around the globe together makes each one of us stronger. If you’re interested in learning more about living a Beautifully Balanced life through ASH + AMES, follow the link in the bio. More

Open uri20170615 22890 bbqnv2?1497539384

Give Back

Throwback to an amazing luncheon celebrating @everymomcounts Orange Rose Campaign last month. Our Blooming Rose Necklace helped to raise thousands of dollars that will go towards making pregnancy and childbirth safer for women worldwide. Learn more at the link in bio. More

Open uri20170614 23281 m0f4xf?1497456619

Get Gorgeous

The designers of our best-selling Gold Harmony Necklace just happen to be the teen daughters of ASH + AMES founders @trishaashworth and @amynobile. This dainty necklace of interlocking hand-hammered circles is the perfect gift for your own BFF. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170613 11000 ylz15i?1497366996

Get Gorgeous

Transform a simple summer T-shirt into high fashion with a statement piece by @marielaurechamorel. Every limited-edition piece is meticulously hand-crafted in Paris, using unique materials like vintage beads, metal fringe and silk. Link in bio. More

Open uri20170609 23281 y97cfg?1497021375

Get Gorgeous

Every piece we offer stands alone as a work of art—through the artisan’s craftsmanship, the materials used, and the environment it came from.Read More

Open uri20170608 23278 cjkr34?1496936079

Go Global

This June, addition to our new Business Builder Boutique (everything you need to get started for just $999), new Ambassadors receive a free $200 jewelry credit! Learn more in our free Webinar June 13th at 10am. Register at the link in bio. More

Open uri20170607 23275 1czxs7w?1496848884

Get Gorgeous

The June gift for Hosts and customers will be your new go-to summer staple—our Black and Gold Collar Necklace! Every host with sales of $1,500 will receive this piece for free. Every customer who spends $250 or more will get this versatile necklace for just $25 with promo code JUNE2017.Read More

Open uri20170606 22887 298eqb?1496761371

This June, addition to our new Business Builder Boutique (everything you need to get started for just $999), new Ambassadors receive a free $200 jewelry credit! Learn more in our free Webinar June 13th at 10am. Register at the link in bio. More

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Get Gorgeous

As the temperature rises, you can still layer on jewelry. Ambassador @moniquekandou accessorizes a simple cami with our Pavé Bar Necklace and our Gold Harmony Necklace.Read More

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Go Global

We are delighted to introduce two sleek, modern pieces at a great price for June. The Black and Gold Collar Necklace ($95) is made of black leather with a gold-plated accent. Our Hammered Gold Short Earrings ($115) are handmade in Sausalito, CA by artisan @amynordstrom.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

This week’s @wcw is @thepromoshopper. Angela absolutely glows in our Nude Bib Necklace, Pavé Circle Studs and Pavé Gold and Black Cage Ring thanks to styling by her Ambassador @dawn_ashandames.Read More

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Give Back

The core mission of the Guadalupe Center is to break the cycle of poverty through education. We were honored to support this organization through our Give Back initiative via an event in Naples, Florida. You, too can give back to the charity of your choice when you host a show.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Throwback to a fantastic Mother’s Day shopping event our New York Ambassadors hosted at the new @fsnydowntown in TriBeCa last month.Read More

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Go Global

Sausalito-based artisan @amynordstrom has been hard at work on a new batch of our sold out Hammered Gold Long Earrings. This shot was snapped just before she shipped them to our home office in Chicago.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Wedding season is upon us! Here, our Ambassador @moniquekandou pairs our Mammoth Pavé Tag and Mammoth Bead Bracelets with her gorgeous new engagement ring flanked by Spring tulips. (Congratulations, Monique!)Read More

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Give Back

If you’re looking for your next chapter, the supportive community of women at ASH + AMES may be just what you seek. Find out how to Join the Journey at the link in bio.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

It’s prom season! This gorgeous Chicago senior accessorized her gown with our hand-hammered Gold Cage Choker by @amynordstrom. cc @nestdesigninc Link in bio. More

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Get Gorgeous

Make your grad’s day with a keepsake piece selected from our Graduation Gift Guide. Choose from a variety of pieces that are both current and classic. Link in bio. More

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Go Global

During a trip to Haiti in February 2015, our Co-Founders were inspired by the beauty and energy of the Art Creation Foundation for Children (@acffcjacmel). ASH + AMES is honored to support group by giving back $5 from every sale from our ASH + AMES Teen collection to this worthyRead More

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Give Back

Ambassador @moniquekandou personalizes our Blooming Rose Necklace by adding our Gold Initial Tag Charm—the perfect gift for mom. The signature piece of our Mother’s Day Gift Guide, 100% of all net proceeds of the Blooming Rose Necklace benefit @everymomcounts. More

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Get Gorgeous

We love how our hand-hammered Gold Hoops by @amynordstrom pop when worn with this fuschia @bcbgmaxazria dress on @stylewithsoco. Link in bio. More

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Go Global

Handmade by Kenyan artisans, our new May releases are modern classics at a great price. Our Gold Snake Open Collar necklace is perfectly on-trend and the Gold Snake Wrap Bracelet can easily transition from day to night. Link in bio. More

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Get Gorgeous

Hosting in May is even more rewarding! You’ll receive an extra $100 in jewelry credit if your show sales total more than $1,500. Contact your Ambassador or email to learn more. More

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Get Gorgeous

There’s no better time to join us as an Ambassador! Until April 30th, our Business Builder Boutique is available for $799 (usually $999). It includes everything you need to get started selling, including 14 of our best-selling pieces, custom displays, and marketing tools. Find out more at the link inRead More

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Give Back

Founded by @cturlingtonburns, @everymomcounts is a nonprofit dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. This Mother’s Day, we’re donating 100% of net proceeds of the sale of our Blooming Rose Necklace back to this inspiring organization. Link in bio. More

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Get Gorgeous

Psst: want to get what you really want this Mother’s Day? Start a wish list on our site and drop a hint to someone who might be shopping for you. Get inspired with our gift guide in our bio link. More

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Get Gorgeous

We love it when a piece can do double duty! Fashioned from silver-finished brass chain on an antique silver ribbon, our Fringed Ribbon Bracelet can also be worn as a brilliant choker. More

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Go Global

Our #wcw is Pascale Theard of @pascaletheardcreations, the Haitian artisan behind some of our most iconic pieces (like our Leather Knot Bracelet). Born in Port au Prince, Pascale continued her studies in Paris at age 14, and worked for brands including Cartier and Hermes. More

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Give Back

The designer behind our ASH + AMES Teen collection is our Co-Founder @trishaashworth’s daughter, @aalexashworth. When visiting Haiti, Alex was moved by the beauty and energy of the children at the @acffcjacmel. In the spirit of sharing the ASH + AMES mission, $5 from the sale of each Teen pieceRead More

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Get Gorgeous

Hello, stud! From Pavé sparkle to geometric shapes, our stud earrings perfectly punctuate any look. Link in bio. More

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Go Global

Every piece that ASH + AMES sells is uniquely crafted by artisans from around the world. We take pride in creating jewelry as unique as the women who wear it.Read More

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Give Back

This Mother’s Day, purchase the Blooming Rose Necklace (exclusively made by @ashandames) and 100% of the net proceeds will support @everymomcounts (founded by @cturlingtonburns). This organization supports efforts to link women to critical care in underserved communities in the US and around the world. More

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Give Back

We are honored to support the Women’s Employment Network through our Give Back initiative. This fantastic organization helps women struggling with economic, social, and educational barriers to employment find work and a better future.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Break out the Rosé for an April trunk show and you’ll give back more than ever! When you host a show this month, 15% of show sales will be donated to the school or charity of your choice. Contact your Ambassador or email to schedule yours! More

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Get Gorgeous

There’s nothing like a little sparkle to brighten up your Spring wardrobe. From whimsical XO Earrings to classic Pavé Studs, we have the perfect diamond earrings for every individual style.  Read More

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Vital Voices

Throwback to earlier this month when our Co-Founders Amy Nobile and Trisha Ashworth (and Trisha’s daughter Alex) traveled to Washington DC for the @vitalvoices awards ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. This event celebrated some of the most incredible women affecting change in the worldRead More

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Give Back

Give Back Even More In April

In recognition of Give Back month, we’re contributing 15% of show sales as our Host Reward when you host a qualifying show in April. Shown here is a student from the Art Creation Foundation for Children, a charity in Haiti that we have been honored to support through our Give BackRead More

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Simply Smitten

We’re simply smitten with our newest piece, the Gunmetal Woven Choker by Maripossa. Handcrafted from silver-plated copper and hand-dyed in Australia, each choker is utterly unique. Read More

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Go Global

Fashion Week San Diego

Throwback to last year’s Fashion Week San Diego! ASH + AMES was represented by Ambassador Dawn Wagner at this fabulous event that brings together emerging designers from around the world. Read More

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Give Back

Ambassador Katy Wall

Meet Katy Wall, the ASH + AMES Ambassador with the highest personal sales for 2016. “I’m passionate about showing my daughters that you can be a mom and have a career as well,” says Katy. “ASH + AMES gives me the flexibility to work when I want, give back toRead More

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It’s Not Too Late!

It’s not too late to to take advantage of our fabulous March Host Reward! This month, any host with show sales totaling $1,500 or more will receive 50% off *any* one piece. Contact your Ambassador or email for more information.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Gold Initial Tag Necklace

Keep your loved ones close to your heart by wearing their initials in brilliant pavé on a delicate gold chain with our Gold Initial Tag Necklace.Read More

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Give Back

Every Mother Counts

Throwback to last year’s Every Mother Counts MPower event with Christy Turlington. We are creating a special piece exclusively for Every Mother’s Counts Mother’s Day Gift Guide this year—can’t wait to announce it! Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Pick Your Pavé

Pick your pavé! Our Pavé Tassel Necklace, Pavé Diamond Quill and Black Bead Necklace with Pavé Clip all make a bold statement in their own radiant way. See our entire collection of pavé here. Read More

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Go Global

International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day we would like to recognize all the amazing women who make ASH + AMES possible. From the skilled artisans from around the globe to our team of inspiring Ambassadors, we believe women can do achieve absolutely anything they set their mind to when they come together. Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Back in Stock!

Our Fringed Ribbon Bracelet is finally back in stock! This perennial favorite is handcrafted in Paris by Marie Laure Chamorel from silver-finished brass chain on an antique silver ribbon. This versatile piece can also be worn as a brilliant choker.Read More

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Wearable Art from Australia

Australian artisan Lauren Besser of Maripossa created our newest piece for March—the Gunmetal Woven Choker. We love how she transforms coarse metals into fabric-like jewelry by hand, making each piece unique. See all Lauren’s work for ASH + AMES here.Read More

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Oscars Style

Last week, we co-hosted an an epic Oscars party at the Four Seasons NY Downtown with the inspiring women entrepreneurs at Hey Mama. Shown here is our Crystal Cuff, Handcut Marcasite Ring, and Silver Cross Hatch Bracelet.Read More

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Give Back

Partner With Us

We’re still glowing from the insights learned and bonds made during of our annual Ambassador conference in Chicago last week. We remain inspired by the amazing group of women from across the country who have chosen to partner with us. Learn how you can join us by clicking the JoinRead More

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Ambassador Conference

We are thrilled to gather Ambassadors from across the country for our annual conference in Chicago this weekend! Loving the combined energy and wisdom of this amazing group.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

BFF Style

Throwback to last month in NYC with our Co-Founders’ daughters Emily and Julia. (It was Julia’s 13th birthday!) These two BFFs collaborated to create one of our new February pieces—the Gold Harmony Necklace. In this design, two hammered gold hoops link together creating the perfect necklace to express friendship. Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Simply Jules

Creative director Julia Daoud who looks gorgeous here wearing our Ruby Chain Choker. Made in India with brass chains studded with rubies, this dynamic piece can also be worn as a bracelet.Read More

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Go Global

From Paris, With Love

The wildly popular Fringed Ribbon Scarf Necklace from Parisian artisan @marielaurechamorel is back in stock! Shown here on our stunning Ambassador Jennie King, this unique piece can be styled a variety of ways.Read More

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Give Back

Porchlight Counseling Services

One of the newest organizations we’re pleased to partner with is Porchlight Counseling Services, a Chicago-based organization providing counseling to college students who are survivors of sexual assault. Ambassador Lindsay Garrison donated 20% of her January sales to this wonderful group, giving back a total of $500.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Bold Style

Here, style blogger Jenna Pilant absolutely rocks our Black Chain Necklace by Diana Broussard. We love how she uses it as a bold accent to her chic mixed patterns. (Thanks to Jenna’s Ambassador, the super stylish Dawn Wagner.)Read More

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Give Back

Art Creation Foundation for Children

Throwback to an inspiring trip to Haiti our Co-Founders took in February 2015. Here, Amy Nobile and Trisha Ashworth pose with the team from the Art Creation Foundation for Children, a group ASH + AMES honored to support as part of our Give Back initiative.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Ambassador Risa Garrett

Meet Seattle-area Ambassador, Risa Garrett. Risa loves individually styling her clients to help them look and feel great. Learn how you can join ASH + AMES as an Ambassador by clicking Join the Journey above.⠀Read More

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Get Gorgeous

February Host Rewards

When you host a qualifying ASH + AMES trunk show (totaling $1,500 or more) in February, you’ll earn a $250 gift card to use with a future purchase! Contact your Ambassador or email to schedule your show.Read More

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Go Global

Italian Chic

Diana Broussard is one of the newest designers we’ve partnered with. Before launching her own line, Diana worked with Calvin Klein, Dior And Gucci. Her Black Chain Necklace is currently one of the hottest pieces in our collection. Crafted in Italy from plexiglass and resin, this statement piece is a favoriteRead More

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Give Back

Room to Read

We love discovering the organizations our hosts and Ambassadors support through our Give Back Initiative. Today, we shine the light on Room to Read: World Change Starts with Educated Children (Official), a wonderful non-profit supporting girls’ education and literacy in Asia and Africa. Support your favorite cause by hosting aRead More

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Get Gorgeous

Ambassador Kara Mann

Meet our fabulous Ambassador Kara Buhl Mann. She says, “ASH + AMES allows me to work around my family’s schedule. I can be present for my girls and show them that a job should and can be something you love that inspires you to be a better person.” Find outRead More

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Get Gorgeous

Ambassador Kara Mann

Meet our fabulous Ambassador Kara Mann. Kara says, “ASH + AMES allows me to work around my family’s schedule. I can be present for my girls and show them that a job should and can be something you love tyhat inspires you to be a better person.” Find out how youRead More

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Get Gorgeous

January Free Gift

January’s free gift is “knot” to be missed. Spend $350 or more and you’ll receive our best-selling Black Haitian Leather Knot Bracelet (@heymamaco called it “super versatile”) free with promo code: JAN2017. (Retail value: $150.)Read More

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Go Global

Reaching New Heights

Throwback to last January when our Co-Founder Trisha Ashworth climbed Mr. Kilimanjaro with her husband, Eric. A reminder of just how much you can achieve when you push your limits. Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Parisian Chic

We love the pop that our Gold Cage Choker gives Creme de Michelle’s chic all-black look. Magnifique! Choker by Amy Nordstrom. Read More

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Go Global

Heymama Feature

Co-Founder Amy Nobile dishes on what it’s like running a business with your BFF, challenging moments in her career, and her happy place in this interview with Heymama.Read More

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Give Back

Supporting Cancer Recovery

Our wonderful Ambassador Lydia Clay matched the 10% of show sales that ASH + AMES donated from her recent trunk show. As a result, more than $1,100 was donated to the Bennett Cancer Digicap program in Stamford, CT. Lydia also reports that after the show, a guest was so inspiredRead More

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Get Gorgeous

ASH + AMES on Set

Designer Guillaume Poupart styled the photo shoot for his latest collection with select pieces from ASH + AMES. Here, his model flaunts our Silver Neck Bangle and our Handcut Marcasite Ring, handcrafted in Sri Lanka. #styling #statementring #guillaumepoupart #getgorgeous #goglobal #giveback #ashandamesRead More

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Go Global

ASH + AMES in the San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Chronicle published a fantastic piece about the ASH + AMES mission and story. “We are the only brand that is marrying social retail with this storytelling and give-back in this way,” Nobile said. “And that’s why we’re so excited. We’re trailblazing in that way. And we’re findingRead More

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Go Global

From Haiti, With Love

We’re thrilled Hey Mama selected our Haitian Knot Bracelet for their holiday gift guide. They say, “Add a little bit of edge to any outfit with this cuff. Super versatile and goes with anything, slap it on and you’re good to go.”Read More

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Give Back

Funds Raised for Haiti

We’re thrilled our November Host Incentive raised $1,200 for Hurricane Matthew cleanup in Haiti for our friends at ACFFC. Heartfelt thanks to the many hosts in guests in November who made this possible. Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Effortless Gift-Giving

Baby, it’s cold outside! Let your Ambassador style the women on your shopping list and you’ll effortlessly give the perfect gift while avoiding holiday crowds and lousy weather. Don’t have an Ambassador? Contact us at and we’ll hook you up.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Make a Statement

Holiday parties are the perfect place to flaunt statement jewelry. A bold cuff like our Gold & Silver Cuff can bring your entire look together.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Host Rewards

Free Pavé Diamond Studs just for hosting? And for guests who spend $250 or more? Our December Host Incentive is truly the best yet—especially considering it’s in addition to everyday rewards like discounts and retail credit. Contact your Ambassador or email to schedule your show. Read More

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Go Global

Wearable Art from India

Handcrafted in India of radiant diamonds set in 14k gold, our Initial Tag Necklace is the perfect gift for the moms and grandmothers on your list. “I love wearing this necklace with the initials of each of my daughters,” says Ambassador Kara Mann. Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Perfect In Pave

Looking for the perfect gift? You can’t go wrong with pavé. Our Pavé Diamond Studs are a perennial favorite she can wear every day. Read More

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Give Back


In the spirit of holiday gratitude and giving back, we want to shine a light on YouthEntity. A recent ASH + AMES event hosted in Aspen supported this worthy organization dedicated to ensuring youth are job-ready, career-ready and life-ready.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Layer Your Look

Ambassador Lydia Clay looks fab in a variety of ASH + AMES pieces. She says, “I’m someone who likes to wear several pieces of jewelry at once. What I love most about ASH + AMES is that there are so many different pieces that you can easily layer or wearRead More

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Get Gorgeous

Make a Statement

A happy customer of Ambassador Risa Garrett shows off her new Gold Fan Ring (and an amazing mani!) in this shot. Created in India using an artisanal technique using 24k gold sheet fused onto sterling silver, an elegant ring of pavé diamonds finishes this look.Read More

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Give Back

Support for Haiti

Our Co-Founders were in Marin, California earlier this month for a gorgeous event featuring ASH + AMES hosted by two longtime friends—@victoriacress and @kksample. The event raised money for Tents to Shanti for Haiti.Read More

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Go Global

Inspiration from India

In January 2015, our Co-Founders took an awe-inspiring trip to India. Traveling to Delhi, Jaipur, and Mumbai, they met with female artisans and worked together with them to curate new pieces. The bold colors and geometric shapes found everywhere in India served as inspiration for a number of different pieces inRead More

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Go Global

Indian-Inspired Spun Gold Necklace

Our Spun Gold Necklace effortlessly takes you from day to night with magnificent layers of gold chain in a bib-style necklace with fringe details. The perfect pop for your holiday wardrobe.  The design is a collaboration between Zaafar NY and Indian artisans. Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Ambassador Dawn Wagner

Ambassador Dawn Wagner was recently hand-picked to introduce ASH + AMES to San Diego via Fashion Week San Diego. Dawn says, “The fashion scene in sunny San Diego is simply laid back! ASH + AMES truly complements the active lifestyle of our style-crazed San Diego divas.” Read More

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Give Back

Chicago Trunk Show

Our Ambassador Tasha Gelling recently teamed up with a friend to host a gorgeous ASH + AMES trunk show in Chicago. (Of course, our Chicago-based Co-Founder Trisha Ashworth was there!) Host a trunk show in November and you’ll automatically give back $50 to Haiti hurricane relief in addition to everydayRead More

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Give Back

Give Back to Haiti in November

For every qualifying trunk show hosted in November, ASH + AMES will donate $50 to Haiti’s ACFFC to aid in Hurricane Matthew cleanup.  This is in addition to our everyday benefits like 20% discounts the night of the show and retail credit or 10% to the charity of your choice.Read More

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Get Gorgeous

We’re on Pinterest!

ASH + AMES is on Pinterest! You’ll find favorite celebrity looks, styling secrets, gift guides and more. Follow us here.Read More

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Go Global

Haitian Influence

Our Co-Founders’ travels to Haiti have greatly influenced ASH + AMES. There, they met inspiring artisans like Pascale Theard (above) who has crafted some of our most popular pieces, like the Black Knot Bracelet. Born in Port-au-Prince, Pascale studied in Paris as a teen, working with brands like Cartier andRead More

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Get Gorgeous

Amy Nordstrom

When designing her handcrafted work, Amy Nordstrom credits Mother Nature as her muse. She told The Fashion Times, “Forms in nature really do blow my mind; the inter-working of a butterfly’s wing, a lotus flower, a pattern on a snake’s skin, the stripes on a zebra. My work is definitely derivedRead More

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Give Back

Go Global - Haiti

Shop back to school AND give back with our ASH + AMES Teen Collection. Five dollars from each sale goes directly to the Art Creation Foundation for Children in Haiti. Read More

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Give Back

Give Back

One of the best things about our Give Back initiative is discovering new charitable organizations that are making great changes in the world. The Tic Toc Stop is dedicated to improving the lives of people living with Tourette’s Syndrome. Ten percent of sales from a recent event went to thisRead More

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Get Gorgeous

Join Us

Joining us as an ASH + AMES Ambassador could be the next chapter you’ve been looking for. Be your own boss, give back and connect with a creative network of inspiring women. Click Partner With Us to learn more. Read More

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Go Global

Meg Makley

Meg Makley is a Chicago-based designer who works with exotic skins to create some of our collection’s most notable pieces. Her Python and crocodile leather cuffs are entirely handmade and finished with sterling silver clasps. Read More

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Give Back

Behind Every Door

Through our Give Back program, we’re honored to support Behind Every Door, an organization committed to building and strengthening communities. This extraordinary group works to improve safety, education, housing and health in underserved communities. You can support your own favorite charity by hosting an ASH + AMES show. Read More

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Get Gorgeous

Collette Ishiyama

Trisha and Amy recently met with Collette Ishiyama, the designer of some of our line’s most iconic pieces, including the Stingray Pendant, Jewel Stingray Studs, and Spike Earrings. Collette’s pieces utilize unique materials like stingray leather paired with brass, and often echo the lines of Manhattan architecture. For instance, lookRead More

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Go Global

Partner With Us

Before founding ASH + AMES, Amy Nobile and Trisha Ashworth wrote three best-selling books and produced a TV show for Lifetime. Through ASH + AMES, these BFFs now partner to help women start their own next chapter of meaningful, beautiful work defined on their own terms. Follow the Partner WithRead More

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Get Gorgeous

Architectural Style

Trisha and Amy recently met with Collette Ishiyama, the designer of some of our line’s most iconic pieces, including the Stingray Pendant, Jewel Stingray Studs, and Spike Earrings. Collette’s pieces utilize unique materials like stingray leather paired with brass, and often echo the lines of Manhattan architecture. For instance, lookRead More

Open uri20160324 25924 112hc6f?1458840307

Give Back

Since 2008, The Global First Spouses Alliance has directly advised 42 First Spouses to assist them set priorities, identify strategic partners, generate positive impact and develop lasting legacies. We are proud to support this noble organization through our #giveBack initiative.Read More

Open uri20160308 25333 1vox6oi?1457472358

Go Global

In honor of International Women’s Day, we would like to recognize the female artisans from developing countries who contribute such unique and beautiful pieces to our collection. We are proud to have worked with women from Sri Lanka, India, Haiti and more. Supporting these women and their craft is atRead More

Open uri20160308 25324 9xrnzy?1457472085

In honor of International Women’s Day, we would like to recognize the female artisans from developing countries who contribute such unique and beautiful pieces to our collection. We are proud to have worked with women from Sri Lanka, India, Haiti and more. Supporting these women and their craft is atRead More

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Get Gorgeous

The fabulously talented Amy Nordström, pictured here in her workshop, is one of the many brilliant artisans we’re proud to collaborate with!  Amy’s distinct work is inspired by nature and forged by hand. Every piece she makes is bent, cut and hammered out of a vision that literally takes shapeRead More

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Give Back

ASH + AMES supports important initiatives, such as JDRF, which funds research that transforms the lives of people with type 1 diabetes (T1D). JDRF is a powerful organization, driving the scientific progress that delivers new treatments and therapies that make day-to-day life with T1D easier, safer and healthier. Since ourRead More

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Go Global

When we met the wonderful people at Zaafar in NYC, we immediately bonded over our similar mission of empowering women and helping them become entrepreneurs!  At Zaafar, they train local artisans, empowering them and furthering their skills. Each individual masterpiece embodies the passion and style of the designer and carriesRead More

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Get Gorgeous

ASH + AMES is proud to announce the launch of ASH + AMES TEEN – the beautiful result of co-founders Trisha and Amy’s journeys to Haiti, which recently included Trisha’s 15 year old daughter Alex. Alex was moved by the beauty and energy of the children at the Art CreationRead More

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Give Back

ASH + AMES supports important initiatives, such as GO Project. The goal of this inspiring organization is to provide under-resourced families with academic, emotional and social support for their children, who are struggling in New York City Public Schools. Explore our collection, make a difference. Since our inception, our mission hasRead More

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Psssst...a special sneak peek featured in Elle Norway of our new wooden pendant necklace from our fab new #ashandames Fall Collection #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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#GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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Leather tassels and beads at the studio of @pascaletheardcreations in Haiti are meticulously crafted into gorgeous pieces for our #ashandames collaboration with this amazing artisan #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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The perfect view for the end of our amazing #ashandames Ambassador retreat @publichotels #Chicago #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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#ashandames Second Annual Ambassador Retreat #Chicago #JoinTheJourney #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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Go Global

Haiti’s amazing culture and artisan community inspire us. #ashandames gives back 100% of our proceeds from our exclusive Haiti collection to organizations devoted to the welfare of the country’s children Shop the Haiti collection now: More

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Get Gorgeous

ASH + AMES is a new, next gen social retail brand that empowers female artisans, gives back to developing countries & inspires women to be beautifully balanced. Read more about our journey on by Kaveri Satpathy, a Chicago blog.Read More

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Give Back

Since our inception, our mission has been to empower artisan communities throughout the world and build a brand that gives back to impact organizations everywhere. The result is a collection that is as inspiring as it is beautiful with each piece carrying a unique story and the potential to changeRead More

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Behind the scenes at an #ashandames shoot

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Fab evening for a #ashandames trunk show in California #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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Simply stunning! Nude silk necklace adorned with crystal, glass, brass and Ruthenium - an #ashandames exclusive by @marielaurechamorel #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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The beautiful and talented @marielaurechamorel working with artisans for exclusive, new #ashandames pieces #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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"Pink is the navy blue of India" #DianaVreeland #Inspiration #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack #Delhi #India

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Get Gorgeous

Ambassador Highlight: Natalie Bombet

Meet Natalie Bombet, one of our fabulous AMBASSADORS. She’s learned to balance motherhood and her work life; in the process, she discovered a global network of like-minded women. Learn more about what being an ambassador means to Natalie and how she has incorporated the Beautifully Balanced philosophy into her life.Read More

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The shapes and textures from our trip to Amer Fort in #Jaipur inspired our Fall and Winter collections #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack #India

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Haiti's amazing culture and artisan community inspire us. #ashandames gives back 100% of our proceeds from our exclusive Haiti collection to organizations devoted to the welfare of the country's children #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack #Haiti

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Get Gorgeous

Love Is in the Air

Wedding season is upon us and ASH + AMES has an illuminated array of sparkles for every woman involved – from the bride to the bridesmaids and guests! SEE OUR FULL WEDDING COLLECTION HERERead More

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Meet @nataliebombet, one of our fab #ashandames AMBASSADORS "There are so many things about ASH + AMES that resonate with me, but what stands out the most is the fact that when a customer purchases a piece of jewelry from us, they are supporting one woman, a family or possibly even a whole community." #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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An #ashandames trunk show is great way to explore our world #JoinTheJourney #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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The weekend Is here! Celebrate #Summer and #GetGorgeous with #ashandames

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Get Gorgeous

Join Our Journey

After entering into motherhood at about the same time, we spent many hours discussing how to make conscious choices that were right for us, manage our overblown expectations, and ultimately live balanced lives. We published three best-selling books on the subject and in the process interviewed hundreds of women throughoutRead More

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Go Global

Women Create Beauty

Every day our female artisans – from India to Turkey to Haiti - create not just gorgeous jewelry, but communities and futures for their families. ASH + AMES is committed to empowering these women to grow as entrepreneurs as well as giving back to developing countries such as Haiti. We’veRead More

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Give Back

Every Mother Counts

Did you know that every 2 minutes a women dies from complications due to pregnancy & childbirth? Up to 98% of these deaths are preventable. ASH + AMES is proud to support Every Mother Counts. This inspiring organization, founded by Christy Turlington, is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safeRead More

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#ashandames is committed to the empowerment of women everywhere. In developing countries such as Haiti, we #GiveBack to communities, supporting child care, education and housing. Join the Journey #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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Such a great piece to throw on anytime for easy boho chic - our exclusive #ashandames Haitian beaded tassel necklace is crafted by artisans from soft buttery leather and beads. #Summer #Necklace #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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#GetGorgeous this Summer and shine in the heat with #ashandames. Stunning pieces like this Aqua Diamond Bracelet or Hinge Earrings from our New Summer Collection are sure to make a statement and light up the room wherever you go, while giving back to our global community of female entrepreneurs. For the month of June only, host a trunk show and receive our new Haitian Nude Leather bracelet! #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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So much more than gorgeous jewelry #ashandames empowers female artisans and entrepreneurs around the world, gives back to developing countries and inspires women to live beautifully balanced lives. #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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Join the journey and launch your own independent business as an #ashandames AMBASSADOR. More than just gorgeous jewelry #ashandames connects communities by empowering women, gives back to developing countries and inspires women to be beautifully balanced. #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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@nicolemeyer1 gets gorgeous in our @noritamy Tel Aviv Collection, handcrafted in Israel of Molten Brass. this stunning cuff bracelet and ring are #ashandames exclusives. #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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Bold, daring, strong, @noritamy is a jewelry label that epitomizes the women behind it. Designed by jeweler Tammar Edelman and architect Elinor Avni, the label brings together the worlds of art, architecture and fashion in unexpected ways. ASH + AMES collaborated with these amazing artists to create our Tel Aviv collection featuring pieces of superb craftsmanship and enduring style. #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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They say it's about the journey, not the destination, but we think it's both. India's women inspire #ashandames through their strong sisterhood, love of family and creative spirit. #ashandames is committed to the empowerment of incredible female artisans around the world, collaborating with them to create beautiful wearable art and sustainable communities. #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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Go Global


In January, Trisha and Amy took a much-anticipated journey to India, where they met with female artisans, sourced materials and gathered inspiration for new collections. Throughout their two-week adventure, they stopped in Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai, exploring each city’s unique beauty. Delhi offered inspiration in a myriad of sounds, tastesRead More

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Give Back

National Volunteer Month

April is National Volunteer Month, and co-founders Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile want to use this special time to give back even more than usual. For the entire month of April, all event Hosts will have the opportunity to donate 15% of the proceeds from their ASH + AMES cocktailRead More

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@cturlington Thank you for all that you do to protect mothers and improve maternal health throughout the world @everymomcounts #ashandames is so grateful to be part of this amazing community. It was an honor to have our Pavé Tassel Necklace featured at the inspiring Mpower event. We look forward to many more! #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack #WhatIsPossible

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This gorgeous Haitian leather bracelet is crafted by female artisans in Haiti. #ashandames is committed to empowering women around the world as artisans, entrepreneurs and ambassadors. We were honored to support @everymomcounts by donating this symbol of empowerment to gift bags for the amazing Mpower event! #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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A wonderful AMBASSADOR dinner in LA with Erin, Natalie and Dawn. Our mission brings us together in so many amazing ways #ashandames #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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Form meets Fashion. Our Cylinder Ring is perfect for everything. #ashandames #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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Today, we raise a glass to our ambassadors and to all mothers, the world over. It seems like only yesterday we began our journey; first as wives and mothers and then as authors of books on motherhood. Through it all we searched for ways to live beautifully balanced lives as we worked hard to raise our families. We created #ashandames as our quest continues to bring balance to women around the world. More than just beautiful jewelry, #ashandames empowers female artisans from India to Tel Aviv and gives back to developing countries like Haiti. Join us in our journey. #HappyMothersDay #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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Having a blast in Dallas with the gorgeous @diamondmahone and @thecladlife Thanks for everything! #ashandames #GetGorgeous #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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This #MothersDay empower, inspire and celebrate women around the globe. ASH + AMES empowers female artisans and gives back to developing countries. Get gorgeous and make a difference. #GoGlobal #GiveBack

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This Mother's Day, celebrate women around the world and host an ASH + AMES event, either online or in person. Make a difference to our amazing community of women by donating 10% of the proceeds to any school or charity of your choice. #GoGlobal #GiveBack #BeBeautiful

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Get Gorgeous

Spring 2015

With spring comes warmth, sun, and a fresh new collection from ASH +   AMES. Our spring 2015 collection  includes pieces from Tel Aviv and   India. This season, we say hello to   new Artisans, and welcome back   favorites like Collette Ishiyama.  To view these pieces, visit ourRead More

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Get Gorgeous: Jessica Alba

In October, actress and activist Jessica Alba was spotted wearing our Double Bullet Necklace. This classy ensemble epitomizes fashion for a busy mom on the go.Like many women we know, Jessica calls herself a mother first; she has said she feels a responsibility to give her children the best possibleRead More

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Go Global: Trisha and Amy Visit Haiti

Last month, Amy and Trisha journeyed to Haiti for the 4th time. They met with new and familiar female designers and artisans who are currently creating pieces for their upcoming collections. They spent time with the ACFFC (Art Creation Foundation for Children), where they re-connected with Michou, the 19 year-oldRead More

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Give Back: Win NYC

We recently had the opportunity to donate ASH + AMES proceeds to Win NYC. Win is an extraordinary non-profit that transforms the lives of homeless women and children in New York City by providing a holistic solution of safe housing, critical services and ground-breaking programs they need to succeed onRead More

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We’re proud to have donated to @bebrightpink, whose mission it is to save women’s lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering them to live proactively at a young age. +

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Meet the Ambassador: Katy Wall

After graduating from UCLA, Katy Wall spent over twenty years in a successful career in sales. But when her twins were born, turning her into a mother of three, she realized it was time to take on the hardest, most rewarding job there is — being a full time mom.Read More

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Giving Back

At ASH + AMES, our core mission is to give back. Each season, we offer a unique collection created by women in developing countries. For each of the pieces purchased, 100% of the proceeds return to those artists’ communities. Pieces in our Fall 2014 Collection benefit Haiti. Utilizing semi-precious GuayacanRead More

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Trisha and Amy Experience India

In January, Trisha and Amy took a much-anticipated journey to India, where they met with female artisans, sourced materials and gathered inspiration for new collections. Throughout their two-week adventure, they stopped in Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai, exploring each city’s unique beauty. Delhi offered inspiration in a myriad of sounds, tastesRead More

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Jewelry Spotlight: Navy Fringe Necklace

This breathtaking necklace, meticulously hand-beaded, is made of vintage glass beads, navy silk and brass chain. Designed by Marie Laure Chamorel and handmade in Paris, this piece is perfectly on trend for spring. Worn with a simple blouse or your favorite little black dress, the Navy Fringe Necklace is pureRead More

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Fringe in France

Showcased at Paris Fashion Week, designers in Paris, London and Milan have incorporated fringe into everything spring. After testing the waters in fall/winter 2014, designers have unveiled delicate fringed dresses for the upcoming season. Our own artisan, Marie Laure Chamorel, has taken this trend and transformed it into some ofRead More

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ASH + AMES featured on StyleBistro

ASH + AMES was recently spotlighted on StyleBistro as a company that has stylish accessories with a moral compass. “The covetable luxury pieces are made in partnership with female designers from all over the globe—from India to France to New York City—and provide artisans with a platform to reach aRead More

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Ambassador Highlight: Jodi Zeitoun

Jodi is a true entrepreneur. Seven years ago, she left her partnership marketing job in financial services to be a full-time mom. Two and a half boys later (one is on the way), she’s excited to be taking on a new role as an ASH+AMES Ambassador. Along with the flexibleRead More

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Haiti + Michou

ASH + AMES has raised enough money via pieces made by our Haitian artisans to sponsor Michou, an inspirational young woman connected to the Art Creation Foundation for Children in Jacmel, Haiti. Through ASH + AMES funding, she will receive computer and English lessons to open doors to her future.Read More

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Meet the Artisan: Marie Laure Chamorel

Marie Laure Chamorel graduated from the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris and went on to work with such heavy-hitting designers as Balmain and Kenzo. In 2006, she decided to launch her own label of luxury accessories under the eponymous brand, Marie Laure. Marie Laure’s jewelry combines artisanal luxuryRead More

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Ambassador Highlight: Tasha Gelling

After a decade of being a stay-at-home mom, former teacher Tasha Gelling decided to launch a new chapter in her life as an ASH+AMES Ambassador. She particularly loved the rare balance of manageable hours and giving back to the community. She says, “It perfectly fit my priorities of a flexibleRead More

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Meet the Artisan: Collette Ishiyama

After studying painting at Pratt and The Art Students League, Collette’s curiosity for new materials led her to metal work. Her love of dioramas and miniatures propelled her to try her hand at creating jewelry; soon she was apprenticing for leading jewelers and had found her niche. Based in NYC,Read More

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First Ladies Community Initiative

Dedicated to working with First Ladies worldwide, the First Ladies Community Initiative works to further health and education in developing countries. ASH + AMES recently hosted an event to benefit the Initiative and raised over $4,000 for this incredible organization.Read More