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Black & Gold Hexagon Ring

Black & Gold Hexagon Ring


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Black & Gold Hexagon Ring
Black & Gold Hexagon Ring

Black diamonds set in solid 18k gold. ASH + AMES

Feature Take the simple band to a dramatic new level with black diamonds set in a solid 18k gold hexagon shape.
size 6.5 and 7
Style No. R201
Black & Gold Hexagon Ring

Product Care

To clean, soak diamond jewelry in an ammonia-based household cleaner and brush with a soft, clean toothbrush. Never use harmful, abrasive solutions or chlorine. Keep diamond pieces separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching. Soft bags or tissue paper are best. Consider having pieces inspected regularly to make sure the settings are secure. Clean gold jewelry regularly using sudsy, lukewarm water or by bringing it to a local jeweler. When exposed to dust, moisture, perspiration and makeup, gold can lose its luster. Keep gold jewelry away from chemicals, especially chlorine. Store away from other metals, wrapped in a soft cloth.

Shipping & Returns

ASH + AMES offers FedEx flat rate shipping on all US orders, as well as prepaid return shipping labels for all returns on US orders (charges may apply). To view shipping options and full return policy, please click here.

Ring Size Guide

Size Header Circumference
4 46.8 14.9
5 49.3 15.7
6 51.9 16.5
7 54.4 17.3
8 57.0 18.1
9 59.5 19.0

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